Saturday, October 18, 2008

Yosemite and the Fresno New New

Since we last spoke(by the way the most contrived method of opening a blog post) lots has happened.  I have sorta moved into the  starkly different Fresno, CA. Why, you might ask, this is certainly a great switch from your previous home, oh wait I did not have a home before this!! But in all seriousness my good friend Jacob lives in Fresno and as an active and staple developer of the Yosemite bouldering scene it seemed only appropriate that I take him up on his offer to crash and establish boulder problem in the famed 'Valley'. I have been down in this area for a week now and have already spent 4 days in the Valley, including today until a near tragic ankle sprain took my dear friend Catrina out of the game and sent us back to Fresno in hopes of speeding here rehab.
Although I feel like I am in total school learning the climbing style and technique required on not so steep granite I have managed to climb some stellar lines. 'The King V8', 'Silly Roof V7', 'Chocolate Bunny V6', 'The Diamond Left V6', 'Kudra V6' and flashing a nice V6(unnamed) in Camp 4 have been some highlights. It is taking alot but I am building that ever so important kinesthetic rolodex.
I arrived in Fresno via public train instead of gassing up a personal vehicle and since have been learning about electronics and their installation as part of my new 'tag along with Jacob' Job. Many hours have been spent carpooling back and forth to Yosemite Valley and these roads have now taken on quite the identity. They are no longer twisty winds up into the great sierras but an amalgam of provocative conversation leading to the ever expanding personal insight we all work so hard to gain. That is a whirlwind I know...but for now I wish all of you well and perhaps you will see me scouring the woods looking for boulders and wondering the streets lookin' for conversation. Just remember, "Not all who wonder are lost"

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hardly, Strictly...Love?Past?

Since we last spoke the past has come into the periphery of life in the most interesting of ways. On Friday the weather seemed grim for rock-scaling in Northern California so I decided to bounce up to San Fransisco with friend Pete Finn. The method travel was hitch-hiking at it purest, from the door of my house to Golden Gate Park it was all thumbs up. Five rides and less than two hours(Must be because I shaved and they could see my beautiful face) we were watching amazing free music in GGP courtesy of 'Hardly, Strictly, Bluegrass'. The objective for the day was to see Robert Plant play with Alison Krauss and this was achieved in geat style in help by many a great person along the way. I was also fortunate enough to has a bit of a listen to Elvis Costello, Micky Hart, topped of Iron & Wine.
There was time spent with old friends, thinking about old friends, strolls along Haight(Where Caroline Hooked it up!!!Nepotism-What What) of course the beats of LoveFest. All of which brought the past to the present. Amazing.
I usually keep the blog to climbing but as a break this is what I have been up to besides training. And to right and wrongs here are some nostalgia climbing shots at college hangouts like the Spray Boulder and Hueco Tanks, TX. Thanks for all the support.
Martini Roof, Hueco Tanks, TX, Photo:Craig Copeland
V7+ in the Spray Cave, ElevenMile, CO, Photos:Hayden Miller