Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Organic Crag Pack Review

The Mega Zippers that make life easy when you are traveling less than light
Waist belt, chest belt, and good back padding
Classic Organic Style
Show me a single climber that doesn't have a stack of back-packs in front of them. It seems as though back-packs are to climber what shoes are to fashionistas, we only need one and yet somehow we end up with a collection trying to find the perfect shangri-la set up. So when I heard Organic Climbing was making a crag pack I was curious to see whether they had cracked the code.
The verdict? Well, I will start by saying that once I got my Organic Crag Pack I haven't used any other bag. I brought it to France for its initial test and it travels extremely well. As my nature dictates I packed it full and heavy and it was comfortable over the many hours in the airport and connecting flights. When I got to Font I found that everyday I could pack 3 sets of climbing shoes, 2 Knee pads, 4 liters of water bottles, all my food for the day, Chalk bucket and sweatshirt with no problem. It has one sturdy large compartment with no wasted capacity with needless compartments. Beside the trademark bulletproof construction that has become signature with Organic Climbing my favorite feature to the pack is the monster sized burly zippers that make opening and shutting this bag a breeze even with a maximum load.
In review this bag is simple. It is simple in all the right ways that make it the only thing I have to stuff in my pad for the whole day of climbing. It is sturdy and bulletproof and makes it ideal for traveling because it is the last thing you own that can fail. Highly recommend for boulderers and roadtrippers alike.