Friday, February 12, 2010

Inclement Weather, The South & some Travel

Bonjour seems the appropriate greeting as I am headed out to Fontainebleau the birthplace of Bouldering as we know it. Font is known for is super technical climbing and style and I am excited to see what I can learn and add to my own. It will be an excellent time and surrounded with good friends from Salt Lake City.
As for the south, it has been a little rough as far as the weather is concerned. SO the days in which we can get out has been minimized that being said I have made some missions to LRC to climb on whatever was dry which can be a fun and refreshing way/motivation to climb.
There was a ten day stint where I headed out to SLC in an effort to work and to make/maintain connections with friends of the outdoor world.
So hopefully there will be some climbing conducive weather before I head out to France on the 17th.
Hope everybody is braving the weather in a fashion that suits them. Best to all!