Monday, October 3, 2011

Europa Files: Part II-Media for a little grill time

The Clio, which like her amazing fortune telling skills also has an amazing ability to fit everything inside of her

A nice link on the amazing Occtupussy 8A in the sun before jet lag set in any more

Just plain Psyched
All photos taken by Noah 'Ranger' Rayburn

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Europa Files: Part I

So here we are, Switzerland. The trip one dreams about. But there are so many dissecting realities at work when you deal in the business of chasing dreams. Starting with the amount of freedom that one gives up in order to make enough money in order to travel to this most expensive of destinations. In true fashion to my past I figured how to take a half cargo and half passenger flight over the north pole from Alaska to Germany for US$375 one way. This flight left from the biggest city in AK which means at the last minute I had to scramble to get a ride the 500 mile distance and of course I work up until the last day so it was a stressful experience to say the least. I arrived in Frankfurt and immediately started to seek out the buses that go south that I was told about but these buses in fact do not exist so I was left with a very expensive train option. Now here I thought that trains were the transport of the people and a method move the proletariat but perhaps to no longer as they are even more expensive than flight within Europa. After a few canceled trains and a few missed trains due to states of delirium, I finally made it Zurich to meet up with the car(Clio) that is to be the chariot for the trip!
We stayed a night with friends in Zurich and cruised the streets lamenting on each others experiences getting this trip together. In the morning we woke up and chomped up on the Raw Cacoa and were off to the races(metaphorically that is). WHAT A BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY SWITZERLAND IS! It was dangerous to drive and keep your eyes on the road. After not to long we made it the Avers Valley home to the very Famous Magic Wood.
We immediately stopped at the hostel we were to stay at but the proprietor changed his mind about the price he would offer us and this we have decided to camp for a while until we figure it out a little bit. This sounds fine but as this was to be my break out trip in the sense of class in the transport and accommodations I didn't bring a sleeping bag. We went out for a long warm up that afternoon to limber up and did a nice moderate, 'Blown Away 7B+' second try. I decided to top it out despite the wetness and the fact that most people do not. Afterwords we walked around in the night and just realized that all of these dream boulder do in fact exist!! What a funny but honest realization that was. I mean it not like these boulders never existed but in my own mental landscape they were just pieces of media until you actually get to touch them and see that they are real!
That first night was a real disaster on the other hand, turns out slipping in a puff jacket alone in the alps is not enough insulation and I spent the whole night shaking and awake. But enough about that. I decided enough at about 4AM and just started walking in the woods to keep warm until 11AM when my friends woke up and then we headed into the woods for our intended purpose, bouldering. It was extremely hot as there is a heatwave happening in Switz right now so I got myself up a very tall and scary 7A+ for a warm up and then we headed to Octupussy 8A? to see what the program was. Noah and myself did all the moves in the blazing heat and some links as well. By the time we were spent the temps started to cool and we wondered why we so poorly strategical on the temps and schedule. Lesson learned and we are very excited to get back. Now we are resting and I am not yet feeling myself physically and mentally I am also sort out some blockages so I am very excited to see whats in store for me/us when a beautiful rhythm is established. Until the next interweb post here is some media for you! Psyched and getting more psyched AR