Tuesday, June 7, 2011

There, back, and there again

The Return, it is a central theme in the literary catalog of emotional composition. The main character always seems to have evaded some sort of reality and this brings on the Return. Although in our lives we find many returns and I guess that we can hope for is that we great about the time once spent as we reflect in the time we are spending currently. All this to say a lot has been incoming and outgoing. Lets break it down.
-In the last couple weeks I have climbed my hardest and most amazing boulder
-Evaded death in a freak snow storm in the Sierra's on May 15th(WTF right)
-I worked on the house that I lived in through highschool(crazy old energy). Didn't get to sleep bc always work all the time work. --Met my mothers new husband to be
-Climbed V8 soaking wet in the rain on the one day I had to climb in the last three weeks
-Experienced very unpleasant angry family members(LAME)
-Flew down to Argentina to have a reunion with my brother and have been having some of the most amazing & incredible days and of course nights but unfortunately there is still little sleep going around.
The return to my old emotional landscapes such as highschool neighborhood or South America, which is where I went to separate timelines in my life has been wild and amazing. So much to say and there will be more pictures and words to post soon.
Be happy, be psyched