Friday, March 4, 2011

Progressively Upward Cycles of Life & Performance

So as the title may omit, there has been some ups and down of late but what is perhaps the most inspiring thing of all is that the bottom of each cycle seems to be higher than the last. To me this seems the most exciting news of all because it shows progression and allows me to accept time off or a 'down-cycle', with greater ease and hopefully grace.
The last post I had was of time in Bishop. That leg of the trip was amazing with sending, great friends, and just super high psyche. But alas, finances intruded and I needed to go to Salt Lake City for work and no climbing for two weeks. Needless to say this was a forced down-cycle but a necessary one to make money and travel to more spots.
After the hurricane of work, that was up to 18 hours a day ended it was time to explore some climbing in the Las Vegas area, namely Red Rocks. After two weeks of no sleep, lots of work, birthday celebrations compounded by spending all day in a convention center with thousands of people from all over the world my immune system was haggard and when I got to Red Rocks I could barely climb V9 without vomiting and getting dizzy so I guess it was time for another down-cycle and some more rest. Then after about two weeks of that I tried climbing again and felt really good, I did some V7's to warm up and then I took a big fall and missed my pad from about 20 feet. A silly mistake really, just a foot pic and a problem that should really be climbed with some friends and not a solo endeavor. The pain was truly excruciating and even surprisingly so, since the heel bone is so far from the brain and the central nervous system the pain was distant but also at the same time horrendous and debilitating. I figured I would take an hour and try and call it day but after the wait. I tried to walk only to immediately collapse. A bad sign. I ended up getting carried out by a couple of elderly sport climbers that luckily(for me) were just walking by. It was actually quite hilarious how debilitated I was and the logistics of moving a six foot plus individual proved quite daunting, as I am sure any Search and Rescue worker can tell you.
So the sad realization hit, that I had just ended two consecutive down-cycles and it appeared that there would be yet another. sigh. So this one took another two weeks which was primarily occupied by reading and researching health topics and existential philosophy pursuits. Not a total wash plus MEGA soul brother Zack Rubin AKA Zaych Money came out from LA for some bro time and to climb as well. I was determined to hang with my buddie and provide him some release from the city time, so within the two days of climbing we shared I crutched a distance no less than 5 miles and actually climbed a V9? called Drunken Monkey. It was pretty surprising but is the essence of this post's title and an inspiration in itself that amidst weeks of bed rest and injury I could still climb this level in a couple tries. The down-cycles are natural part of anyones path and when you can see the elevation of your bottom point rise it's as exciting as the peaks!
I have now migrated to the St. George area and have been exploring while getting back into it now that my foot can fit inside a FiveTen Dragon again. YES!! In the last couple of days of climbing I have sent "Gription V9', 'Linder's Roof V9', 'Bazooka Tooth V10' with a dice direct method. All of the climbs in the V8 and under range have been going in one or two tries which has been great to build up a nice base again. I am very excited now that I am feeling better and excited to see what manifests next. Learning the cycles and loving them. More to Come.