Sunday, April 26, 2009

Back from Retirement?

Yesterday I actually went rock climbing again with old Friend Hayden Miller and Justin Jaeger in the Newlin Creek. The weather was quite bad and I would consider our conditions to humid as we were actually inside the clouds. But it was fairly quite and and nice excursion. As I spent a lot of time in Newlin last year it was quite the trip down memory lane and with old friends as well. I climbed a couple boulder within the V7 range and that felt noce to move over stone again.
Afterwords we posted up in Colorado Springs and the stars aligned that there was some electronic musique being played by friends that I had not seen in a while. Yesterday was full day of movement starting with an alpine start for Newlin and finally ending at 4 A.M. A Full experience.
I am now funded by my laboring exploits enough to buy a computational device know as a laptop and my posts will become much more frequent and highly saturated with media. A good one to you all.