Friday, May 29, 2009

The Goin' ons

The last couple of days I have been up to some pretty diverse and really fun stuff. The weather has been pretty sporadic here in Boulder so regularity with just about anything has been lost. I have done some sports climbing on the Primo Wall of Clear Creek Canyon and knocking off up to 5.12+ without getting to pumped. I went and climbed the Bastille in Eldo with my friend Matty that I am also living with and even led some gear pitches on that which was a total blast. I went to CATS(Colorado Athletic Training School) which is an awesome facility including really fun gymnastic equipment and had a great session in which I truly became psyched again. So much so that I am going back tonight. I am prepping the truck and I will be Rifle bound very soon. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Bishop Files

A new V10 that Chris put up on the Checkerboard Boulder. Cool moves but quite sharp.
My view from my back porch. I love the eastern Sierra mountains
Carlo on the amazing and tall 'This Side of Paradise V10'
Again 'This Side of Paradise V10'
Alex making the big move on her ascent of 'A Maze of Death V12'

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yosemite Files

Kevin tryin' the Classic 'Yabo Roof V11/12'
Chillin' in the Caf', the all to standard post climbing activity in the ditch. Of course staying until you get booted, which if you play it right can be midnight.
The very cool and quite unique feature of 
'Pine Box V11/12?'
The perfect and well traveled granite of 
'Cocaine Corner V5' in Camp 4.

Operation Saturation

I have been up to alot of work and climbing as much as possible mostly in Boulder, CO. I have achieved some monetary goals and now own a great laptop and other quality of life improvements. It is about time for me to head out and live were the rocks are and the most recent manifestation of that will be Rifle, CO where I will try my hand at some Sports Climbing. Now that I have a station to process my photos and so on my posts will be much more saturated with media and adventures, hope you enjoy as much as I.