Sunday, November 22, 2009

Psssssssyched, JeaYeah Red River Gorge and the end of Joes

Ander giving 'Kaleidoscope 5.13c' a first try
Kaleidoscope 5.13c
Ander Flashing 5.12
More 5.12 flashing
Yet more 5.12 flashing

I now know why people(ie Sports Climbers) use terms of extreme excitement such as the ones used in the title. It's because sport climbing is so much FUN and paces like the RED make it even better. When you set off to climb you get to climb so so so so much and what's the only thing better than climbing? More CLIMBING!!!!
The RED offers great stone at a ridiculous quantity on every angle. I have been enjoying the battle to try and get 'fitness', as no single moves seems to stop me. It is also interesting to climb here because my personal climbing style revolves around my love of movement and I usually opt for deliberate and static climbing but this place requires the exact opposite. 'Run & Gun' seems to be the term that embodies the experience here, I feel always in a state of 'grab & go' which is a blast to try and adopt new climbing styles and just keeps adding to the rolodex of climbing experiences.
I have just been on the mission of onsighting or flashing as many 5.12's as possible and hopefully I can embrace a phase two soon, in which I can try some more involved harder lines. But either way it is just so much fun.
My five days in Joes Valley prior to my long drive to Kentucky was also a blast. It was a very introspective climbing experience but also spent with great friends. I was able to climb great boulder such as 'God Send V10' in a quick session, 'Playmate of the Year V9', 'Raiden V8', 'Taking the Stairs V8' 'Water Painting V7'.
More to come as I am just liking this sandstone more and more...