Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The 'End of the World' may be comming

I am tellin all of you to watch out for the endo of dayz because I have officially jammed my hands, feet, fingers and body into Indian Creek sandstone. This is not a joke I even have some pictures to proove it.
I have been in quite an interesting stage of life recently and have been tryin' to ground myself in order to process a few things. I have been laboring in Boulder during the days and training inside at night but mostly I have been thinking and weighing all that life has shown me at this stage.
Perhaps our greatest refuge is spontinaity, this being said a dear friend of my offered a ride for a 'Creek' trip. So I thought to myself what an oppertunity for something new and no place offers a grounds for thinking like the desert...so here I am. I am distracted with the obsession with learning and afforded a great deal of though at night.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hopefully Life is like a Ninetendo...to fix all you need to do is blow on it

The last month has been a particularly rough one. Several things have been contributing factors and going into them would be quite the unpleasent ordeal but no problem has ever existed without and ensuing solution. The quest is now to find that special way to blow on your Ninetendo that will keep it from freezing up.
Since May in '08 I have been on the road in less than comfortable livin' situations and to my odd surprise this takes a great deal out of you and the time has come for some regenration. The Front Range seems to be the host for this time and I will post when there is developments in my climbing related life.