Friday, December 11, 2009

Flashback: Photos from Maple Canyon

While I was getting to wrestle with some cobbles in Maple Canyon's Pipe Dream cave I was able to hangout with some very cool Austrians. One of them is a great photographer and great climber named Jakob Schrödel. Jakob took a couple shots of me sending the routes 'Squeal Like a Pig 5.13c' & 'Sprout 5.13a'. Enjoy and I will post more news from the Red River Success learning how to rest and better yet stick to the wall on 'Squeal like a Pig'
The steepnessGorge soon. Entering the cave angle on 'Sprout'

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In the RED but seeing blue

The beautiful Drive-By amphitheater and a crazy project going through the roof in the right is reportedly the equivalent of 4 Esperanza's in a row. 4xV14=WOWA
Inequity 5.12b

I am still in the Red River Gorge, KY trying to work with the weather and get as much climbing in as possible. I am starting to get more comfortable on the rock here and find the sports climbing to be quite addictive. I was able to climb a really cool and powerful route called 'Shiva 5.13b' on my third try. The Shiva route is the motivation for this post title because Shiva is the deity of destruction and thus new beginnings in classic Hindu scripture and it is said that when people are under the influence of this spiritual figure their world is perceived through the color blue.
As long as the weather is somewhat cooperative than my dear friend Jason Grubbs and I will keep up our work here and when season eventually ends the migration to the boulders around Chattanooga will ensue.