Thursday, April 12, 2012

The end of states-side time for a while at least

Bishop in just another beautiful sunset
Psyched for the project to be finished
Just as psyched as ever to working on my birthday at the trade show, this one is a little forced
The die hards packing up at the end of a day of baltic conditions

So after some brief climbing time in California that was revolving around work at the 2012 Outdoor Retailer trade show I traveled down to Argentina.
But before heading south I was able to manage a couple nice climbs that I was very psyched on. I climbed the 'Sharma Traverse V10' and the super beautiful 'Saigon Direct V9' in ground up style. I am very inspired by the beauty and the movement of the super direct version of the latter line and in the future will give it some effort. Meanwhile at the lower Bishop volcanic areas I got really psyched on a line that was in my style and blew me away. I say 'blew me away' because despite figuring out all of the moves (in my typical unique signature beta style) the first session on it, to falling from the last move around 20 times. Ironically for something that seemed easy enough I surely tested and built some power endurance for the future. Finally I was able to send 'Kill On-Sight V12' and wow did that feel good to see something through to the end and under a real time crunch. It was a funny journey because some people dont find it to be the hardest of problems but I had to step away from that side of the climbing experience and just finish a great rock climb accepting that the climb was a challenge for me and like I said it felt great to finally have the endurance and climb it in control.

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