Thursday, December 13, 2012

Bishop: and the usual bag of tricks

We are in Bishop after a very interesting and highly education stint in Yosemite Valley. While here in Bishop all the usual things have been happening. Such a list includes windy nights to the point sleep is not possible and then ironically blazing hot days in DEC and then freak rain storms. Among the list has been tall boulders and some pretty darn exciting sending. I was having a pretty good run at the beginning where everyday had a double digit boulder being sent but now I have been dealing with a little sickness which has slowed down things but there still has been whole new zones and FA's as well. The list includes a ground up ascent of the amazing 'Golden Age V8', 'Dierdrin V10', 'Bubba Gump V10', 'Letting Go V10' and the very exciting 'Saigon Super Direct V10'. For me thus far my favorite has been 'Xavier's Roof V11' which proved to be difficult and extremely, especially because it ends with an amazing jug latch! There hopefully will be more to come. Stay tuned...

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